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TOPIC: PoE: The Worth of The Rare Item

PoE: The Worth of The Rare Item 3 months 1 day ago #11783

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If you play the game since perandus and you only make money from T1 unique and maps. How do you know the worth of the rare item? However, you can go to U4GM and that is why offering you a place to collect Cheap PoE Buy Items at a low price is something we love to do.

Best way is to look at the prefix/suffix rolls. Even if you have no idea what good stats are, for what builds, or in what combinations... just look for high rolls (at least T3). The more T1-3 rolls it has, the better it likely is. From here, you learn through practice; best way is to simply plug in the stats of a "many high tier" item into poe.trade.
I typically search "under" the items stats.
So if an item has:
- 70 Life
- 40% Fire
- 40% Cold
- 45 Strength

I'll usually search in PoE.trade for:
- 60 Life
- 70% Combined Elemental Resists
- 35 Strength

From here, you can see prices of "slightly worse" items than yours - and judge a good price/increase the above statistics slightly to see how much yours is worth. Also leveling up a high lvl char helps cuz when min-maxing u will spend a couple hours on poe.trade and while looking for that perfect amy that fits in to your build you will see hundred of rares and their value or at least what they are listed at.
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